Me being silly at a friend’s house. The sunlight happened to bathe me through a skylight.

Photo by (via StockSnap)

Photo from

This is me taking an ice bath in our bath tub. In the background, the timer shows nine minutes.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

I have domain expertise

Photo by Yasin Gündogdu from Pexels

This is me in Costa Rica. “Benign neglect, bordering on sloth, remains the hallmark of our investment process.” — Warren Buffett

Next step: focused investing

Cindy and I pretending to be ballers in a fancy department store in Paris, France. Not our sunglasses.

Let’s start with index investing

My older brother and me

What underlies procrastination?

Duncan Riach

Top Writer. Self-Revealing. Mental Health. Success. Fulfillment. Flow. MS Engineering/Technology. PhD Psychology.

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