I get that. Somehow I feel it.

Yeah. It’s actually really obvious. We just pretend that we don’t see it.

But I can’t just give up figuring it out.

There’s no you that’s trying to figure it out. Thoughts that seems to be about figuring something out seem to be happening.

What if there was an answer, a meaning… and I gave up before figuring it out.

That’s a great question. What would be left if the search for meaning stopped?

Everything states that I can’t figure it out.

Actually, everything is stating “not two.”

But the second I stop trying to, what is left of me? Nothing.

There’s actually nothing of you even while the trying is apparently happening. It’s just that you think you’re the trying but not everything else.

Only those thoughts, this vessel, this world, would remain. Nothing I call me.

That’s all there ever was: everything.

Maybe I am the part who is trying to understand all of this.

You see how the self tries to find itself as part of what’s happening?

Maybe this is me. The thing that want to understand, so he could control thoughts, emotions and vessel, to create happiness, for himself and others.

Like trying to grasp hold of thin air.

But why am I even trying.

There is no reason or purpose to what seems to be happening.

Great article by the way.


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