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Why I’m Grateful for My White Privilege

Recently, I was having a conversation with a white female friend about white privilege. She denied that white privilege is real and told me that it’s a concept designed to shame white people. I thought about this, and realized that I don’t feel ashamed of my white privilege. I actually feel grateful for it.

What is white privilege?

Why do I feel grateful?

Why do I want equal human rights for all?

But is white privilege real?

Why did I write this article?

I wrote this article because I would prefer for white privilege to not exist and because the first step to change is deep acceptance of the way things are. The most powerful way to accept anything is to start by finding a way to feel grateful for it. Thank you white privilege. I am grateful for what you have given me and I now release you. As my awareness increases, I now welcome something much better and more fulfilling. I welcome liberty and justice for all, regardless of the color of a person’s skin. I choose for everyone to experience what I have been experiencing simply because my skin is white.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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