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Why I Cannot Be Converted To Your Religion

Every now and then someone starts trying to convert me to their religion. It’s usually either Christianity or Islam but sometimes, in a more subtle way, it’s some form of Buddhism. I wonder if there is something about the way I behave that suggests that I would be open to conversion. Perhaps it’s because I seem to have a relatively open mind and that I’m willing to engage in dialog.

In reality, it’s impossible for me to be converted to a religion. I honestly could never believe the dogma of a religion. I guess I could pretend to believe in some kind of religion, but I don’t know why I would do that. Since the revelation that apparently happened in 2001, I have been unable to believe in anything.

After that, how could a dry concept be believed in? It’s impossible. Even the appearance of the world is seen to be insubstantial and unreal. Any question about the fundamental nature of reality was answered in that revelation. What some call unconditional love is indescribable, yet answers all questions.

Promises of heaven and threats of hell have absolutely zero purchase with me. It’s clear that there is no heaven and no hell, at least not in the sense that they are peddled. Heaven and hell are the same thing, apparently seen through different lenses. Heaven-hell is not something that will come in the future. It’s all there is. There is literally only heaven-hell.

This is not something that I have been taught. It’s not something that I read in a book. This is revelation. It doesn’t matter to me if you believe it or not. I’m not trying to persuade anyone or to convert anyone. It’s not possible to do that. Revelation either happens or it doesn’t, and it’s not better or worse.

It’s not better or worse to believe in a religion or to try to convert other people to a religion. If that’s what is happening then that is simply what is happening.

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