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What’s Happening Is Never a Problem

What’s happening is always simply what’s happening. It’s always completely manageable. Problems don’t arise in what is happening, except as concepts about the past or the future, which are themselves purely conceptual.

If a truck is hurtling towards your body, then it will move out of the way. If it becomes apparent that an important bill has gone unpaid, then the brain and body will take care of it. All of the “problems” we struggle with and suffer from, all the anxiety and depression that we rustle-up, have no reality beyond being concepts.

Even pain in the body is completely manageable. Pain is simply sensations occurring. Without a story about how long the pain might last, or about what might be causing the pain, it’s just sensations.

This is how life has always been. Life has been like this from the time the body was born and it will continue to be like this after the body has died. It’s one continual happening which contains no problems, no issues, and nothing out of place.

Part of what’s happening might be a thought that suggests that there might be a problem, but even this is not really a problem; it is just what is happening, and that too is completely manageable.

When you take a look back at the story of your life, it’s possible to see that what has been happening has always simply been what’s happening. There has never yet been a real problem, and there’s no way that there could ever be a real problem. What’s happening is never what is not happening; it’s always simply this.

There might be a story that a complex or challenging problem is being resolved, that real action is being taken, or that difficult people are being dealt with, but what is actually happening is simply what is actually happening.

What’s happening is appearing completely effortlessly, there’s nothing missing from it, and there’s no other way it could be.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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