“woman sitting on land” by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

What If This Is What We Really Want?

What if what we’ve been searching for has been here all along, right in front of our eyes? What if it’s been the simplicity of what is happening, no matter what seems to be happening? What if we’ve only been missing it because we’ve been looking for something else, something deeper, something more profound, something separate?

What if all the concepts we have about how four-dimensional life is, about how everything exists in space and time, push everything out of our reach? What if we think we can never really reach them, never really have them, only because we keep trying to reach past them?

What if all there is right now is unbounded perfection, completeness, and freedom and what if it’s always been like this? What if nothing is actually happening? What if this is perfect stillness, perfect silence? What if even what is written here is enough to be used to create distance from what is?

What if what we’re looking for is as much the question mark at the end of this sentence as it is the sensation in our toes? What if they’re actually the same thing? What if everything is the same thing, and what if it’s the thing we’ve been looking for?

What if what we seek is actually the seeking and the seeker? What if we seek wealth, meaning, friendship, love, belonging, security, and bliss only because all of those things are the same thing, the same thing as anything else, including what we label poverty, meaninglessness, enmity, fear, rejection, insecurity, and boredom?

What if there is only this? What then? And what if it changes nothing?

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