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If you’ve been reading my articles recently, you might think that I have found some kind of truth. That’s an illusion. What is being revealed is that there is absolutely no truth at all. How can there be truth when there is only this, what seems to be happening? For something to be true, there must be something else that is false. But all there is is this, and it’s neither true nor false; it just is.

There’s also nothing that’s right or wrong. For something to be right, it must have a contrasting thing that is wrong, but there is only this, and it is neither right nor wrong. The way we can dream right from wrong is to construct a concept about the polarities. For example, “I am right” or “I am wrong” and this is set in contrast with another concept “She is wrong” or “He is right.” But those thoughts, if they’re happening, are just part of what is happening, which is neither right nor wrong. If there is a dream of separation then there is right and wrong, but in reality, there is just what seems to be happening.

The same can be said about good and bad. What seems to be happening is neither good nor bad; it’s simply what is. For what is happening to be good, there would need to be something else that is bad, but there is nothing else but this; it is whole and complete, seamless and totally inclusive. If something else is “bad” then it can only be a concept. Since there is nothing that is truly “bad” there can be nothing that is truly “good.” All there is is this, which is clearly neither good nor bad. Take a look for yourself.

This deconstruction of opposites can be continued indefinitely. For example, there is no safety because there is no danger; what is is neither dangerous nor safe. There is no now because there is no other time; there is just this. There is no rich or poor; this is neither rich nor poor. There is no knowledge; what seems to be happening is neither knowing nor unknowing. There is no understanding; this is neither understanding nor not understanding.

No only is the self not real, but what is apparently happening is neither real nor unreal. There is neither existence nor non-existence. There is only this, only what seems to be happening.

There is no reference point in what is happening. There is nothing to contrast it with. It is simply what it is in all of it gloriousness.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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