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The Law of Attraction Is Simple

I was driving to Mount Shasta in California with my wife, Cindy, in the back and our friend, Dave, in the passenger seat. Dave and I talked about a lot of things, including The Work of Byron Katie, and the law of attraction as expressed by Abraham-Hicks. Dave revealed to me that he’s turned-off by the concept of the message of Abraham-Hicks being channeled from a disembodied entity, Abraham, through someone who claims to be a kind of medium, Esther Hicks.

“As soon as I hear the word ‘channeling,’ I want to run a mile,” he told me. Dave also claimed to not like the idea that simply by wanting something it could manifest without you actually needing to do anything. This prompted a description of the Abraham-Hicks message that I may not have expressed before, and which I will share with you here.

I myself tend to be skeptical of spiritual things, but I also take what works for me and leave the rest. If the idea that the message of Abraham is channeled through Esther Hicks is ignored, it’s possible to appreciate the simplicity of the message. In fact, having listened to many diverse questions being answered by Abraham-Hicks, I have some to comprehend the distilled beauty of it, and it goes like this:

If you start with a pre-supposition that everything that is happening was chosen by you, then you would be foolish not to welcome it and to feel grateful for it. I asked for this and now I am receiving it; thank you. This is a profoundly empowering mindset because it supports the next part: if I discover that I am not enjoying what is happening, I can use that discomfort as a cue to focus on what I would now like, and then to calmly choose that.

This is pretty much all the message is. When you practice doing this, you will probably discover, as I have, that it makes your life way more enjoyable because it enables a deep sense of empowerment through total surrender to what is happening. It does also seem to lead to reality configuring in harmony with what was chosen.

Dave revealed that he was okay with the idea that we tend to do things based on we have chosen, but that he was not okay with the idea that apparently out-of-our-control events are affected by what is chosen. He could see how this could be used as a form disempowerment through victim-shaming: “you’re a victim but it’s your own fault” or “you’re responsible for your abuser’s behavior.” I can appreciate this concern, but I would never say this to another person. I can only report from my experience that it does seem to be empowering for me to take 100% responsibility for my life.

I have noticed that calmly choosing what I would like seems to lead to the manifestation of the choices I make. When I calmly and confidently focus on what I want, my mind and body seem to operate in ways that lead to reality shifting so that it complies with the vision.

I have come across people who are, unlike Dave, very into the law of attraction. But many of these people do not realize that one of the most powerful tools of change in the world is their own body. They resist taking action, believing that the law of attraction should work without their participation. When you allow the body to play its role in creation, and refrain from limiting the possibilities, it seems to be able to have a significant effect on outcomes.

On the other hand, there is actually nothing particularly special about this body or brain. Just because some thoughts or actions seem to be more personal that others, it doesn’t make them truly personal. What is being chosen is not actually for anyone; what you think of as your body, thoughts, and actions also do not actually belong to anyone.

A choosing may happen. A confident, assured anticipation of a differently-configured reality may happen. The power of that choosing is founded upon the depth of welcoming of what is currently happening, what was chosen before. Then, what seems to be happening more rapidly morphs into what was chosen.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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