This is delightfully surreal.

Thanks. I agree.

So God has no interior or exterior and no parts.

That’s right. To have an interior would require an exterior. To have an exterior would require an interior. To have parts would require separation.

He/she/it/us is completely undifferentiated happening?

God is not an it or a he or a she. God is neither differentiated nor undifferentiated.

Just out of curiosity does God have a past or a future?

Only apparently (as thoughts). God can appear as thoughts about past and future.

Or is everything happening at the same time (as well as at the same undifferentiated (or non-existent) place)?

There is no location. God is timeless. God can appear as space and time.

What does “happening” mean in this case?

Look around.

There is no understanding because there is no understander (not even God?) etc.

That’s right. There is no separation.

but it certainly seems that there is a persistent sense of understanding (or not, i.e confusion), and choice, and differentiated sensations (like colour appears not to be the same as smell which seems different from sound).

That’s right. That is how God can appear.

So maybe colour, odor, and sounds don’t exist, only the illusions of them?

No. God is not an illusion.

So what unenlightened beings think of as real is only illusion, but illusions are real, are happening? Say what?

No. There are no unenlightened beings. There is only God.

(And by unenlightened beings, I mean those apparently numerous and persistent delusions of self like the one typing this reply.)

You mean that God is appearing as <fill in the blank>. There was no one typing that reply. That’s the illusion of self. Typing happened. Thinking happened.

There also seems to be a common and persistent disagreement happening with the way you have characterized “God” (just ask one of those persistent delusions of self).

God can appear as disagreement. God can appear as thoughts, talking, brains, bodies, keyboards, etc.

Since there is only God, what is the nature of these differences of opinion?

God appearing as disagreement (to no one).

Are they illusions/delusions?

Are what illusions / delusions? The opinions and the differences of opinion? Of course not.

Is God of two minds?

God can appear as different things that (God appearing as) the illusory sense of self can see as separate and conflicting.

(Apparently not because God has no parts?) So is God capable of holding simultaneously two conflicting opinions?

God is everything that seems to be happening. God is not some being with a brain and opinions. God is appearing as each apparent thing.

More than two?

What part of everything do you not understand ;-b

Are opinions real or are they also illusions?

An opinion would be a concept. God can appear as concepts. Everything that is appearing is God appearing as that.

“Separation is God appearing as a concept.”

I agree with that. :-)

Appearing to whom or what?

This really gets to the crux of it. Appearing to no one.

To God?

No. There is only God. God does not appear to God. Everything that seems to be happening it God appearing to no one. The self thinks its separate and seeing God appearing. Nothing is seeing God appearing. God is appearing without witness. There is no witness of this. There is no separation.

Are concepts real?

Concepts are concepts. They are neither real nor unreal. They are God appearing as concepts. Whole and complete in themselves.

Are there any other concepts besides “Separation” (e.g. existence)?

Of course.

What is the nature of concepts?

Concepts are God appearing as concepts.

Are concepts separate from God?

Nothing is separate from God. This is only God.

Parts of God?

God is inseparable.

Independent of God?

There is nothing independent of God.

And once again I feel compelled to say I am not mocking your view or even disagreeing with it although I do lean towards considering it rather incomplete.

You’re welcome to mock what I’m writing, if you wish. There’s also nothing wrong with leaning towards seeing things as incomplete. It’s very normal.

Nor am I asking for evidence or arguments in support of it.

It’s impossible to prove.

I’m really just in search of a clear understanding of it;

It’s not understandable.

which I realize is difficult given the restrictions of language.

It’s more than difficult. It’s impossible.

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