Thank you for engaging, Wyatt.

I do not believe that what is being experienced is not happening. This seems to be a repeated misunderstanding in your response.

What is being suggested is that what is commonly understood to be awareness is not what it seems to be. Awareness is what we call an experience of being separate. What it being suggested is that there is no separation. When there is no separation, there is no subject or object. There is nothing to be aware of anything else.

The suggestion is that what appears to be a subject being aware of an object is actually all the same thing being what it is. For example, seeing is no different from being.

The nature of this ground of being cannot be understood or even known by the mind that believes itself to be separate, so I could never persuade you of its veracity. It is beyond logic, outside the realm of knowing in the sense that the individual understands knowing.

Whether the revelation of the uniticity of reality is “in my head” is debatable, although it seems to be be a revelation based on there being no individual “in my head.”

All I can say is that the self is clearly an illusion, that there is clearly only unicity (no separation), and that most of the “normal” understanding of reality is based on a large collection of absurd, unquestioned beliefs. Those beliefs have as their foundation the unquestioned myth that the human body contains an individual that is real.

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