DR: Spirit Dharma, (is that your real name?)

SD: LOL — obviously not (or is it not so obvious?).

Spirit Dharma sounds like the kind of name that many “spiritual” folks tend to give themselves.

SD: It seems that you still cannot reconcile relative and absolute truth.

DR: I could never do this.

SD: Because you don’t want or is it your standard “there’s no one to reconcile so why even bother”? Anyway — of course you could, anyone can.

Thanks for the advice.

DR: There is no knowledge of this, and no one that knows it.

SD: Then how can you know there’s no one that knows?

There’s no one here.

SD: Why are you so hung up on anything when you say, you know what you know?

DR: I’m not sure what this sentence means.

SD: Ah, that’s just my assumptions seeping through. E.g. you seem to cling to terminology (as I’ve already said), despite the fact that you know what’s up with reality — I bet that now you have the urge to correct me that knowing simply happens (to no one) ;) Your lack of free will does not mean that free will does not exist.

There’s nothing to correct.

DR: I don’t think it’s possible to convince anyone of anything.

SD: Interesting to hear that from a psychologist. Wherever I look, I can see bias and belief — well, yeah I guess you could argue that everyone convinces themselves alone (or that convincing happens ? :D), so no “outside intervention” is possible — but again, for me such argument is just mental gymnastics.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives | duncanriach.com

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