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Some Thoughts About the Law of Attraction

Duncan Riach


Here are some thoughts that I recently recorded to share with my son as I introduce him to the law of attraction. I am hoping that he, you, I, we all can learn to utilize the law of attraction more consciously.


You get more of what you focus on. Persist in the development of the mental muscle to steer your mind towards what you would like more of. The creative process is being persistent and consistent with:

  1. Request by thinking about it (focusing on it) with emotion. If it feels good then it’s what you would like. If it feels bad then it’s not what you would like. Prioritize feeling good by focusing on what you would like.
  2. Persist in expecting and trusting that you will receive it.
  3. Receive your creation. Whatever comes (even if it includes things you don’t want), welcome it as your creation, affirming your creative power. Use how you feel about what you have created as a contrast to refine your creation, to focus more fully on what you want.

When you notice that you feel bad, it’s not necessary to identify precisely what you’re thinking about or focusing on. Simply turn your attention to a thought that feels good.

Resource: The Law of Attraction (paid link)


If it’s too challenging to direct your attention to a thought that feels good, then at least break the focus away from what does not feel good by meditating (e.g. focusing on the breath). This will both strengthen the mental muscle of being able to direct your attention and also break the cycle of negative thinking producing more negative thinking.

Resource: Vipassana meditation


Stoicism intends to develop the ability to accept what’s happening, without resisting it, without complaining. Stoicism is about welcoming what is happening. It suggests that what is happening is already decided and therefore the most harmonious action is to welcome it.

Stoicism is a set of approaches to optimizing step three (above) of the law of attraction: receive your creation. The law of attraction augments stoicism by pointing out that what is happening is the…



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