That’s fine and I still disagree.

Of course you do, and that’s wonderful.

It is not ALL liberation or enlightenment not seen or realized because of self illusion identification.

I’m not sure what that sentence means, but there is only what is happening, and it is absolutely liberation.

Not convinced.

Of course you’re not convinced. This is not something that the mind can understand.

And it is not just the one appearing as many and it is all just happening arising/disappearing.

This is totally not a description that resonates. It doesn’t seem like it’s seen there.

If you go to that extent then you could say it nothing actually happened.

Nothing is happening. That’s very clearly true.

Then you are talking about something actually being a thing when it really isn’t at all according to nonduality.

What is this “according to non-duality”? Non-duality is not some committee. Non-duality is just a label for the indescribable one with no second.

That is the conundrum nonduality falsely creates. You end up mixing in phenomenology in my view like it or not.

How can non-duality create anything? It’s all there is. It cannot create anything.

I will agree on one point and that is there is a fundamental nature of reality but when you go to the beyond the beyond then you can’t even speak it or know it in any way. It can’t be perceived.

Beyond the beyond? There’s nowhere beyond anything. There is only this.

Again your writing comes across to me as a neo Advita like view or some warping of Buddhist cosmology depending on the direction.

So you perceive what I write/say as seeming like something that someone else writes/says. So what?

Your version smells similar to Buddhism using enlightenment as a thing.

There is no enlightenment. There is only this.

Just the flower as it is would be closer.

The fundamental nature of reality can appear as a flower, or as a thought of a flower, or as anything.

It is a huge oversimplification in my view to say it is the only thing there is, the fundamental nature of reality, or it is all enlightenment or liberation.

Yeah. It’s too simple to understand. Go enjoy the illusion of complexity.

It requires a seeing into that which cannot be seen or a knowingness of suchness which I might buy into to some extent, but you didn’t point in that direction.

There’s no seeing into. There’s nothing to get. It’s only the trying to see into that hides it.

Under your scenario how do you even have any sense of whether or not you realized anything at all 17 years ago?

I didn’t realize anything 17 years ago. The self-dropped away and all that is was revealed. Since then, it’s been clear that everything that seems to be happening is just that non-duality.

Following nonduality strictly you would have to say it never happened and there is nothing to know or was known or even realized.

Non-duality has no agenda. It cannot be followed. If the self-illusion has not been seen through there, then what I am talking about cannot be comprehended. It’s not understandable. It’s incomprehensible.

Totally agree on many Shaman being misleading or being unclear. A good Shaman knows the mystery is every unfolding and can’t be nailed down.

I don’t know if there are any good or bad shaman. I don’t know how that would be measured. There are many people who clearly have no idea what the fundamental nature of reality is like.

For me, the truth is closer to an ever unfolding mystery than some oversimplified philosophy because by your own justification it could never be validated.

It’s much simpler than that.

It ends up in the snake eating its tail scenario and there is way more to it than that.

It can seem like that to the arrogant self.

Very misleading and dangerous in my view and that is why I bring it up.

There’s no danger. Please, carry on misleading people. It’s not like there is anyone there who has a choice not to.

Not for you, but as a sincere rebuttal.

There’s nothing to rebut. I’m just writing about my life. You might have a different life, and you can write about that. You can even pretend to know what’s going on over here (as you have been). Go forth and teach. I’m not interested in teaching. There’s nothing to teach.

I don’t expect any resonance with my view from you on this.

Resonance? I totally resonate with the part where you own your experience. It doesn’t seem like you’re doing much of that though.

What I am hoping is that it causes pause for someone on the fence to step back and look and feel into it for themselves.

Ah, you want to save someone. Save yourself. Go express yourself.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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