Loving these questions.

How does God know [that God is perfect inclusion with no exterior]?

This not known. There is no knower.

Why is [God] content to believe this?

This is not believed. There is no believer.

What about an interior?

There is neither interior nor exterior.

Does God have parts?


Looks left. Sees part of God. Looks right. Sees different parts of God?

No. Seems to look left. The seeing is God. Seems to look right. The seeing is God.

Does God understand itself, in particular how its parts relate to each other?

There is no understanding because there is no understander. There are no parts.

If so, how did/does God acquire this understanding?

God does not, cannot, acquire anything. There is only God.

Does God have any more direct influence/control over the functioning of its parts than “I” have over, say, my liver?

There are no parts. There is no separation.

Or is it the independent functioning of its parts that constitutes God?

There are no parts. There is no separation.

Notice I said “independent”. My liver is not my kidney. Are “you” really the same as “me”, as we are both “God”?

You and I do not exist. Separation is God appearing as a concept.

Or maybe, rephrase that: is “yourself” really the same as “myself” since no self exists and there is only God?

There is no “yourself” or “myself.” There is only what appears to be happening, which is all there is, which is God.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives | duncanriach.com

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