Day 9: I Feel Super-Human

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It’s day 9, and I feel super-human.

I went back to working out, while being extra-careful with my knee, doing my own upper-body stuff at CrossFit Federal Hill. Even when I’m not working out, we’re pretty active anyway. We walked many miles in Washington DC yesterday. I still appear to be losing fat and gaining muscle.

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Five region platter, including smoked salmon and bison — Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian

My energy is still consistent all day long, with no sleepiness at all. My mind is functioning clearly from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, except for the sugar buzz (see below). This morning at 6:30 am (3:30 am West Coast Time) at the gym, I noticed how smoothly awake I was. There was none of the jarring, buzzy awakeness that I have felt in the past early in the morning.

This experiment has led to us realizing that we love getting up early. 7 am on the East Coast was too late for us, so we shifted things back to 6 am, which is 3 am according to our West Coast body clocks. We’re going to bed by 11 pm here (8 pm internally).

Bacon avocado burger (without the bun and the cheese) — Founding Farmers

We finished off the last of the barkTHINS snacking chocolate, the stuff with the refined sugar in it, and noticed the rapid-onset foggy feeling and the feeling of weakness in our legs.

I did’t realize that I could eat so much. During the 6–8 hour non-fasting period, I eat massive plates of heathy food. I have an intense appetite. I clear big plates now. I didn’t used to do that.

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Here is some extra meditation motivation.

Let the experiment continue.

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