Day 7: This Thing is Amazing

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It’s day 7, a travel day, and this thing is amazing!

Yesterday, I had immensely high productivity, mostly preparing for this trip. There was absolutely no procrastination. My mind was able to look ahead into the tasks optimistically, and lead me into them effortlessly. I found myself automatically taking on and completing many tasks that I would usually put off.

I got to bed after 9 pm, at 10:30 pm, because I chose to be out late to accompany Cindy so that she wouldn’t get harassed in San Francisco. Because it was a travel day today, and I hate traveling tired, I slept an extra 1.5 hours, until 5:30 am.

I did the hour of am vipassana meditation on the flight to Denver, followed by morning pages. I skipped working out partly to make more time to finish packing and partly because I got a knee injury when I slipped and fell in Amsterdam that doesn’t seem to have been healing.

Here is some cold shower inspiration.

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