Day 6: Firing on All Cylinders

I’m on Day 6, and firing on all cylinders. This feels totally sustainable. In fact, the way I was living before, the way that many people live, the kind of lifestyle that is considered “normal,” was in fact totally unsustainable.

I feel wide awake and energetic all day long. My mood seems to have improved and anxiety is down. I feel more capable and competent. It appears that my brain functioning has improved and I’m sure that my intelligence has increased. My ability to find and use rarer and more nuanced words quickly and effectively appears to have increased. My ability to make quick and funny comments has increased.

After 20 years, my rosacea (a type of auto-immune disorder) appears to be in remission. I have been trying to provoke it, by working out and then leaving the sweat on my face for over an hour. This was something that always led to red, sore, scaly skin on either side of my nose. I have been doing this for a few days, and I have no inflammation on my face.

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