Well, it’s day number 13 of this 30-day challenge. My mental state is consistently clear and calm from the time I wake up all the way through the day (except for the effects of some foods. See below). Given my reduced bloating, farting, grogginess, and apparent decrease in my body-fat percentage, I assume that the amount of systemic inflammation has reduced a lot, and based on what Dave Asprey of Bulletproof says about systemic inflammation, this might be partly why I’m feeling so great.

I have reached five minutes (300 seconds) on the cold showers. I now start the shower, start the five-minute timer on my phone, and then get into the shower. I am fully washed in about two minutes, so then I spend the rest of the time standing under the cold water practicing equanimity.

My knee seems to be getting gradually better after I slipped and fell (twisting it pretty badly) in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I have noticed that the cold showers help it immensely. At least twice, I have entered the shower with it slightly painful, and found that all pain has gone after the shower. I assume that this is related to a reduction in inflammation.

Yesterday, I had two instances of sleepiness and/or “brain fog.” The first was after we ate some left-over green beans and sweet corn, the second was after eating some vegan ice cream. Both of these foods have high levels of simple carbs in them, and I was probably feeling the effect of excess insulin. I also accidentally ate some curly fries at dinner, not realizing that they were slightly breaded (wheat).

By comparing the effect of alcohol and refined sugar, it’s becoming very clear to me that sugar has a markedly more intense and unpleasant effect on mental and physical clarity and feeling of wellbeing than alcohol. I imagine that this would be surprising to many, because we think of alcohol as being a strong, addictive drug that can incapacitate people and destroy their lives. I’m starting to take sugar seriously.

Stay tuned as the experiment continues.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives | duncanriach.com

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