Day 12: I Stopped Farting

We have reached day 12.

Thanks to CrossFit Chimney Rock for welcoming me into their intensive Labor Day workout.

Farting has almost completely ceased. I used to be a fart monster, now I fart no more than once or twice per day. Cindy and I had also been suffering from a lot of allergies: blocked and runny noses and sore eyes. Since we started this regimen, we have had absolutely no allergy symptoms.

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This might sounds weird, but my heart seems to be opening up more. I wonder if it’s because I feel consistently safe in my body day after day, so I can emotionally open up more. I seem to be more compassionate than I was.

I want to address the financial cost of living this lifestyle. Summary: it’s essentially free, and actually saves money:

Bed before 9 pm and getting up at 4 am: 100% free. This saves money on light and heat. We’re tucked up in bed when its dark and cold.

Vipassana Meditation: The training is 100% free. Practice is 100% free. Heating, lighting, use of other resources like electricity and food are saved while you’re sitting still in a dark room for two hours per day. Find a center near you anywhere in the world to do a 10-day retreat and learn this technique.

Running: 100% free. If you learn to run correctly, then you also don’t need fancy shoes (Pose Method). You actually don’t need any shoes at all if you learn how to run barefoot.

CrossFit or high intensity interval training with gymnastics, olympic lifting, and kettle bells. I recommend joining a CrossFit box and going through the introduction training, and then training for a year or two to get the coaching you need to develop the physical skills you’ll be using. Membership of a CrossFit box ranges from $100 to $200 per month. It is possible to train for very little money, especially once you’re skilled. You can follow the training program of any CrossFit box from their website or blog, and you can train at home or in an inexpensive gym. I choose to workout with others in a CrossFit box, but it’s not necessary.

Cold showers: Essentially 100% free, assuming you already shower every day. You will use less water, and will not use any power to heat the water.

Morning pages: 100% free. You can learn how to do it from the web, or you can borrow The Artist’s Way from your local library. Each day I use up half of one letter-sized sheet of paper. I get through pens pretty rapidly, perhaps one per week or two, but pens are very inexpensive.

The Bulletproof Diet: The blog is free. You can get the book from your library. When you eat like this, you will eat at home more, prepare food in bulk batches, buy less food but of a higher quality, stop buying expensive coffees and snacks while out, and feel less hungry in general. It seems like bulletproof will save a lot of money on food. You can buy some “upgraded” food items from Bulletproof UK, but they’re not particularly expensive for what they are, and you don’t need to buy them.

That’s it for today. Thanks to everyone for your feedback. You encourage me to keep updating you when you let me know how this is inspiring you. Sending you love.

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