Liberation Is Not an Escape

We tend to believe that liberation is freedom from being human. We think that when we get enlightened, or awake, we’ll no longer have all these unpleasant experiences. In reality, there is no escape from what is. In reality, there is nowhere to go. In reality, liberation is recognizing that this is all there is, that there is no choice, that there is no control, and that there is not even anyone who could be liberated.

Nothing changes in liberation. All the same emotions occur, all the same sensations occur, all the same experiences occur. There can still be anger, sadness, fear, happiness, and in fact they can all seem more intense. There can still be the same thoughts. There can be pain. Nothing that happens is any different, and it’s not better to be liberated.

The only difference is that what is happening is known to be whole and complete. The only difference is that there is always a deep sense of harmony. The only difference is actually not a difference at all because it was always there even though it might not have been recognized: the only difference is the recognition that this is all there is, which is a recognition that is always implicitly there for everyone and everything.

Liberation is the recognition that everything that is (and is not) is already absolutely free, including that it is absolutely free to know that it’s free and to not know that it’s free. It’s not better to know than to not know. Everything and everyone is already liberated.

Not only is there nowhere to escape to, there is no one to escape. Seeking to escape will only compound the sense of being trapped. The only attitude that could correlate with awaking is one of curiosity: a burning desire to know the truth about reality. It requires courage, in spite of fear, to be willing let go of all the beliefs and to tumble helplessly and hopelessly into the truth of unknowing.

As the straight-jacket of individuality is removed, it’s revealed that there never even was a straight-jacket. Then life can flow though the human body more freely as we become even more totally human.

Liberation is not an escape from being human. Liberation is diving head first into being human, engaging with it fully, and allowing it, finally, to achieve its full potential.

And there is no one here who can choose to dive in. It just happens or it doesn’t.

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