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It’s Not Possible to Mislead People Spiritually

I’ve been told that I’m misleading people by telling them that they don’t need to do anything to have complete freedom, that freedom is all there is, that freedom is what is happening. I’ve been told that this will make people stop “trying” to get to freedom, that they will simply give up, and then they’ll never get free.

In reality, there is nowhere to lead anyone to. No matter where you think you’re guiding or leading someone, they will always end up with exactly what’s happening, which is perfect freedom. So no matter what I do, or what anyone else does, it’s impossible to mislead anyone. No matter what a person’s history is with religion or spirituality, it’s always possible to recognize that what seems to be happening right now is absolutely perfect and free.

Even people who tell others to meditate or to do practices or to pray or to perform other actions in an attempt to get some kind of freedom or fulfillment in the future are not misleading anyone. Before, during, and after all that activity, there is just what is happening in all its fulfilling perfection.

There’s nothing wrong with prayer and meditation. Why not do them? They happen anyway, or they don’t. While the praying is happening, there is only God. While the praying is not happening, there is only God. During meditation there is the perfect freedom of nirvana appearing as the perfect freedom of samsara. That’s also exactly what is happening when formal meditation is not happening.

There’s nothing that can be done or not done to prevent liberation because liberation is all there is.

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