Yesterday I was feeling tired, and I felt soreness in my throat, going up into my nose. I wondered if I was getting sick. This morning I woke up knowing clearly that I was sick. I have a cold or the flu; probably just a cold.

We went to sleep early last night, at 8:30 pm, and I let myself sleep later than usual this morning, until 7 am. Note that this is a three hour “sleep in” (US), “lie in” (UK), or “nướng” (Vietnamese). The Vietnamese version literally mean to be “grilled” or “barbecued.”

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It’s amazing to me that I can feel sick but also feel so full of energy and mentally clear today. I have a sore throat and runny nose, but I’m doing fine. I skipped working-out to give my body a rest.

Last night we started taking food grade diatomaceous earth, which is supposed to clear out your intestines and kill parasites. We started with only a teaspoon each (in water), and will gradually increase the amount. I have read reports that when you get to two tablespoons weird stuff can start to come out of your rear end.

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