I totally agree with everything you said. Excellent description.

A couple of things: It clear to me that not-two is an excellent pointer to non-duality. I have found myself saying, “It’s one, but it’s not really one because that suggests that there is another.” So “not-two” is useful. I think whoever coined “advaita” may have seen reality as-it-is-and-is-not. You seem to dislike “non-twoness” (you misquoted me a little bit). This is a different translation that I just discovered in the last few days, and I assumed that it was more accurate since it was claimed to be literal. I’m not a Sanskrit scholar (although I have studied it a little), but to me “non-twoness” is as good as “not two” or even “one with no second.”

Regarding all-that-is-and-is-not: I had a conversation today with someone about this. Not persephone, but another female. She pointed out that what is does have a certain fullness to it, even though it’s also emptiness. So I think that what-is-an-is-not is more a description of the absolute as it is in itself. It’s not even really possible to talk about that. As it appears as the relative, there is an undeniable is-ness to it.

It doesn’t really matter that one with no second includes everything that is not. Even though it’s true (and false), it’s so uncomprehendable that it’s essentially meaningless; I don’t understand it, but then I don’t understand much in the first place.

Yeah, when I look into it, the non-being is there. It’s behind the being. There’s no being without non-being. I mean that when we say “is” we really do mean “is-and-is-not.” That really is how it is (and is not). Hm. Thanks for the prompt to look into this more deeply. Not sure what to make of it.

I suspect this is related to the notion of unconditional love, which is often referred to as being. What’s happening is clearly unconditional love. However, it’s only unconditional love in the context of the relative. Without context (in the absolute), it’s not unconditional love; it’s just perfect, impersonal inclusion without an exterior.

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