Day 20: I Stopped Limping

It’s day 20, and I stopped limping. I broke one of my ankles in four places in 2007, and I’ve had a limp ever since. There has been chronic pain in it to some degree for all of this time. Even when I was not aware of it hurting, people would ask me why I was limping. Now, after only 20 days of this lifestyle, I have completely stopped limping, as confirmed by Cindy. I assume that this is due to a large overall reduction in the inflammation in my body.

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Last night I also realized that Cindy has not been suffering from asthma during the past 20 days. Asthma is an long-term inflammatory disease, so it make sense that this condition, which she has suffered from for all of her life, is now abating as we change to a low-inflammation lifestyle.

Every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror, my waist looks slimmer and more toned, and my abs are a little more defined. It’s amazing to see this happening while my food cravings have reduced, my natural hunger has increased, I eat lots of really tasty foods, and I feel more satisfied than I have in a long time.

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I have been noticing that I seem to get into more casual social conversations with people, and that I’m more chatty than before. My level of sociableness and social intelligence seems to have increased. I assume that this is not only related to all the vipassana meditation that I’m doing, but also because this lifestyle generally makes me feel more comfortable in my skin.

Let’s keep going and make this a good habit.

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