Hi William,

I’ll try to address your comments.

I enjoyed reading your article


— If your assertion is accurate and factual (God is Everything) then the notion that religion is blasphemy has no moral foundation, as God is Everything (including blasphemy). The position itself nullifies any sense of moral clarity.

Exactly. Blasphemy is a concept that rests on the foundation of separation.

— Since the origin of the assertion (God is Everything) has been posited by a self, which is tainted by its own limitations to observe and conclude, even the processes of rational deduction to formulate the position have to be (by definition) inaccurate, flawed, and meaningless.

This is not true. There is no self.

— If I take your meaning correctly and God is Everything, then All is Stasis and any experience of anything by anyone as it pertains to in any cognitive sense of reality is illusion, regardless of whether it is formulated by self or not.

Awareness and consciousness are illusory. What seems to be happening, exactly as it is appearing, is God. It is only one thing with no second.

Again, these three observations reinforce a lack of moral foundation, a discounting of any concept of significance (personal or otherwise), and can easily take (what we can assume is the illusion of) rationality to a new level of equivalence where rational thought also equals irrational thought, such as: God is Everything and God is Nothing.

There is no real morality, significance, or rationality. Everything is appearing spontaneously and effortlessly with no meaning or purpose. God is appearing in apparently differing and ever-changing form.

So thinking your article through I have concluded the premise is an adventure in nonsense, but worthy of consideration to the extent it is a warning to those who would use their own self (observations) to create an Everything God where Anything Goes.

Oh, it’s total nonsense. It is completely illogical. It cannot be understood by the rational mind. It is alogical. God cannot be understood or known. This message brings zero satisfaction to the self.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives | duncanriach.com

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