Hi Sarim,

Because God is also the blasphemy” — This is not possible because blasphemy is in relation to God’s command. There is no standard that God Himself is held to, it’s paradoxical for God Himself to be blasphemous.

Blasphemy is a denial of God. God can appear as someone who claims to be separate from God, which is a direct denial of God. Yet this is also God appearing as denial of God. This is not logical nor understandable.

“ Why would God command part of itself to have no other gods apart from itself?” — This is a logical absurdity and based on a faulty premise, namely that God is everything. Also you’re implying God is also material. This is not possible. Everything in existence that we have observed HAD to have a beginning and therefore had to have a cause. The ultimate cause itself cannot be material because materiality is subjected to space, time and cause and effect. The ultimate cause cannot have these attributes of materiality because that would lead to an infinite regress (the cause of the cause of the cause…ad infinitum), thus the original cause cannot be material, I wrote a small piece to rationalize this concept.

God is not material. God is unborn and deathless. God is timeless. God is the ultimate, and that ultimate is unfathomable. Everything that appears to be happening is God appearing as that. There is nothing that is truly material. No, God is unborn. Nothing created God. For God to have a creator would mean that there was something other than God. It’s not possible.

Last, your statement “ First of all, you don’t exist.” — Is illogical. Because you just made a statement, in order to make a statement or take any action you need to exist. If you don’t exist you can’t take an action.

There is nobody making a statement. God is appearing as words. God can appear as anything: clouds, trees, space, time, bodies, atoms, sounds. The illusion is that there is someone who owns a body or makes words or understands anything. The self is an illusion. There is no self. The self is blasphemy.

I do agree with your point that we sometime take ourselves as God. The distinction here is who do you worship, as in who do you obey? Your self or God? If you just follow your vain desires then you’re in a sense worshiping yourself and not the one God who has commandments that need to be followed.

This is nobody who could worship anything. There is nobody who could obey anything. There is no one to follow anything. There is only what seems to be happening, and that is the unborn infinite.

As the reader, can’t see where you clearly define what your definition of God actually is. The conclusions you make need to be based on some sort of definition, how do you define God? How did you come up with your premise that God is everything? I don’t see how you came to the conclusion: “everything that appears to be happening is God”? Most likely we disagree from the very onset of your argument, the premise itself.

God cannot be defined. God is revealed when the illusion of self drops. The revelation is that there is only God with no other. God is boundless wholeness that cannot be understood by the mind, by the illusory self, which is what conceals God.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives | duncanriach.com

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