The Power of Not Reacting

Day 99 of my Lifestyle Challenge

This is at the core of everything I teach. It’s what I keep coming back to. I struggle with it, and everyone struggles with it. When we don’t react, we leave space to respond.

You get that text message, you hear those words spoken, you think those thoughts, and your heart starts to pound. Your body is reacting, your unconscious mind is reacting. But you’re beyond that, and you always have been. You have made a choice, and you have been practicing. Day and night you practice. You don’t react.

You sit still and you watch, and you watch what happens inside and outside. What you are is the watcher. And you wait, and you see what happens. And you discover that everything arises and passes away.

There is power is not reacting. So much power. The river does not react. The ocean does not react. The sky does not react. None of the most powerful things in nature react. You also are perhaps the most powerful thing in all of nature, because you are such a rich container of this watching. It’s concentrated in you, and sometimes you like to forget what you are, and you like to react. That’s okay.

Now come back to the power of the stones on the beach, to power of the eagle that flies above you. Come back to the ancient volcanic thrust upwards, and the warm sun on your forehead. You only forgot for a moment, and here you are again, watching.

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