Day 93 of my Lifestyle Challenge

Every day I use a brain training app called Peak. I’ve been gradually increasing my scores and noticing improvements in other areas of my life, which I believe may be related to the training.

The games in Peak are categorized into seven groups based on what abilities they develop: Language, Problem Solving, Memory, Focus, Mental Agility, Emotion, and Coordination. A week ago, I noticed that my overall score for Problem Solving was much lower than my scores in other areas. This surprised me because I’m an engineer, and I’m known for solving problems.

Im very logical and rational, and it turns out that Cindy, who is very artistic and intuitive, scores really highly in the area of Problem Solving. So I’ve spent some time talking with her about the games in this category, watching her play them, and having her watch me play them. Even though the instructions for the Problem Solving games in Peak recommend a linear approach, this approach only takes you so far. To score really highly on these games, you have to develop the ability to carry out parallel visual processing, where you can see all the solution at once, almost through a form of intuition.

Since this revelation, I have been focusing on playing these games more, and learning to trust my visual intuition. I am starting to get faster, and I’m starting to experience seeing the whole solution in an instant, intuitively.

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An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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