Day 87 of my Lifestyle Challenge

Every day we sit for 30 minutes, on the floor, looking at each other, eye-to-eye, sometimes in silence. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we talk about what we’re feeling, sometimes about what we’re thinking. I didn’t think it was going to be this important. I didn’t think we needed this as much as we did. I didn’t think that this could be a key to our relationship, a deepening to our connection. I didn’t think that this could inoculate us against fighting. I didn’t think that this could set the tone for the rest of the day: we solve problems by connecting and talking.

But it’s only 30 minutes, 30 minutes a day. How many hours are spent by couples bickering, squabbling, fighting? Is this all they really want? Is this what they are after?

This is now our foundation. It’s the first thing we do each day after meditating. I make coffee and then we sit on the living room floor. We prioritize meditation. We prioritize meditating together.

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