This is a weird and unexpected benefit of my new lifestyle: my skin has become silky soft, non-oily, and zit free.

My skin feels really, really smooth and soft. I also used to get really dry elbows that would get sore and flakey, like I had psoriasis. The skin would be dry and would split. I used to think that this was just because I rested on my elbows a lot. But now my elbows feel and look totally soft and smooth. There is absolutely no roughness, dryness, soreness, or flakiness.

It seems that my body also used to produce a lot of oil or grease. Over the course of a week or two, I used to leave greasy marks on my sheets and pillow cases, which I then had to soak in oxygen bleach overnight before washing, to break down the oils. This doesn’t happen anymore. There are no marks on my sheets and pillowcases whatsoever.

I also used to regularly get zits on my back and on my face. I used to have a a lot of spots on my upper back actually. I now have absolutely no spots anywhere on my body. It’s weird because I know at least three people who told me that eating butter would give me spots. We eat a lot of grass-fed butter as part of this lifestyle, and it actually seems to have caused all of my spots to go away. I put this down to the hormonal balancing that happened now I’m getting enough healthy fats. Note that it takes a few weeks for the body to adapt.

Here are some of the elements in my lifestyle that may be contributing to me having really healthy skin:

  • Low inflammation diet
  • Low allergen diet
  • Diet high in healthy fats (e.g. grass-fed butter)
  • Supplementation with grass-fed collagen
  • Full-fat, grass-fed bone broth
  • No refined sugar and minimal starches
  • Cold showers
  • Exercise every day
  • 8+ hours of sleep per night
  • Daily meditation (stress reduction)

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