Why My Wife Comes 40 Times per Day

Duncan Riach
3 min readOct 28, 2016

I’m not writing this article to shock you, or to brag. I know that, mostly because of shame, sex is often not discussed, or is glossed-over. I know that problems with sex is one of the main factors that leads to divorce. I want to thrive in my relationship with my wife, and I want you to thrive in your intimate relationships as well. I want you to know about what I have been realizing and learning in this area, because I think it could help you.

When most heterosexual couples have sex, the woman comes, if at all, at the end of sex. When I have sex with my wife, Cindy, she comes first. Then I get turned on, and then she comes again. Then we have sex, and she comes many more times, and finally, she comes some more. Then she comes at various other times throughout the day.

Let me explain. Cindy is quite a lot younger than me. She’s entering her thirties, and I’m entering my forties. Her testosterone levels are increasing, while mine are decreasing. I think that’s true, although I haven’t had my testosterone level tested yet. For whatever reason, her sex drive is a lot higher than mine. Perhaps it’s always been higher. She wants to have sex every day, sometimes multiple times per day. I’m content with sex much less frequently.

Until recently, this was the most significant problem in our relationship. Cindy was upset that I didn’t want to be sexual every day, and also upset that I could not have sex for hours without coming. I have told her it’s pretty impossible to have sex with her for a long time without coming, because she’s so damn hot.

I have started to learn from Jim Benson how to have multiple orgasms of the type that do not end sex, the kind of orgasms that make sex something that a man can engage in for many hours. It’s possible for a man to have orgasms without ejaculating. However, I realized I needed a more rapid solution to this problem. I needed a sex hack.

About a week ago, while meditating, the answer came to me. I already had all the skills I needed. Years ago, I learned from David Shade how to “give women incredible pleasure.” For some reason I hadn’t been applying what I already knew. So I immediately took action and took charge of my Cindy’s orgasm.

I am now able to say “come now” and she will immediately experience an intense orgasm. I can hug her and whisper in her ear, “come now,” and she will melt in a quivering mess in my arms. I can also text her “come now,” and she will come, no matter where she is. Needless to say, she is very happy about all of this.

Going back to the introduction: sex usually starts with me saying “come now.” She has an orgasm, and this turns me on. Since we started doing this, she has not only been having orgasms all day long, forty or more per day, but our sex life has been so turbo-charged that we also have sex multiple times per day.

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