Day 42: I am Becoming Super-Human

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Last night, in the dark, I was carrying my laptop on my forearm, looking at the screen, as I walked across our living room. My toes hit a kettlebell on the floor, and I tripped. If I had been a mere mortal, I would have screamed in pain and fallen, throwing my expensive laptop across the room. Instead, due to my strengthened core, enhanced balance, and superior equanimity, I not only regained my footing almost instantly, but found that the sensation in my foot, the same sensation that many call pain, to be intriguing and interesting, rather than painful. You too can learn to be super-human by following my lifestyle challenge. ;-) You will develop the following qualities:

  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS from cold showers, plank holds, and meditation.
  • HORMONE REGULATION from cold showers, high-intensity interval training with weight, and inflammation minimizing diet.
  • QUALITY SLEEP from consistent sleep and wake times, cold showers, and meditation.
  • EQUANIMITY from meditation, plank holds, and cold showers.
  • STABLE POSITIVE MOOD from zero refined sugar, meditation, and inflammation minimizing diet.
  • MENTAL CLARITY from inflammation minimizing diet, zero refined sugar, consistent sleep schedule, sufficient sleep, sufficient hydration, daily exercise, and morning pages.
  • INCREASED CREATIVITY from morning pages and meditation.
  • IMPROVED COGNITION from inflammation minimizing diet, zero refined sugar, meditation, and brain training.
  • STRONGER CORE from frequent kettlebell swings, plank holds, and handstand holds.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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