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For the love of vegetables. Cindy is excited by a delivery from Good Eggs.

Have you ever noticed Men’s Health magazine at the checkout in the supermarket. On the front cover of every edition is an article about how to get abs. You would think that after buying and reading one issue of Men’s Health, and doing what it recommends, the readers would have abs. So how come they keep on telling them every month how to get abs? Surely, once you have abs, you could focus on getting soccer-player thighs, or a sumo-wrestlers ass. But no, it’s abs every month. The reason they do this is because it sells. It sells because abs are elusive. We can’t get abs. It’s impossible. At least, it’s impossible with our current lifestyle.

We actually all already have abs; they’re just hidden under fat. There’s only one way to make those abs visible, but most people don’t want to do it. The way to have a six-pack is to stop eating refined sugar. Refined sugar has many names in the ingredient lists on packaged food, and it’s in nearly all packaged food. For example, “Coconut nectar,” a favorite of the Paleo folks, is also refined sugar. It’s really challenging to stop eating refined sugar because our whole society is addicted to it, and we’re all in denial about that. If you stop eating refined sugar, and reduce carbohydrate intake to a natural level, your abs will soon pop out; you don’t even need to exercise. If you want some motivation, I recommend watching two documentaries: Sugar Coated on Netflix, and That Sugar Film on Amazon. I also recommend reading a book called The Bulletproof Diet.

We have reached day 37 of my lifestyle challenge. Apart from feeling mentally clear and wide awake continuously from 4 am until 9 pm, my waistline has reduced day-by-day, and the bulge in my lower abdomen, indicative of dangerous visceral fat, has almost completely gone. My stomach is flat and my abs are becoming increasingly visible by the day. I challenge you to try eating no refined sugar, and one serving or less of starch per day, for a month.

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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