Day 25: Kick Ass on the Weekend

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Heading towards the Golden Gate
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From Pelican Harbor to Fort Baker

It’s one thing to kick ass during the work week, but it’s another thing altogether when you can consistently kick ass on the weekend. At seven am yesterday morning (Saturday), I was loading my stand-up paddle boards into the car. At this point in the day, I had already meditated for an hour, had a ten minute cold shower, and written over 800 words. My friend Jake and I paddled almost three miles from Pelican Harbor in Sausalito all the way around to the Coast Guard station at Fort Baker. The conditions were perfect: the wind was low, the sun was behind clouds, and the water was smooth.

I started stand-up paddling not only for exercise, but because being out on the water is so relaxing. There’s nothing for me to do but slowly move along and look around. Yesterday, with my newly-found mental clarity, I was able to enjoy doing nothing even more intensely. I found it really satisfying to drift along slowly and quietly with my good friend, able to enjoy these moments so deeply.

So this morning (Sunday), I decided to do the trip again, but this time with Cindy. We set off from Sausalito before 8 am, and reached Fort Baker before 10 am. We saw lots of sea lions and various water birds, and again the conditions were perfect.

On Friday we tried a paleo pizza, which had sheep-milk cheese on it. I watched my body carefully to see if there was any kind of negative feeling associated with it. It didn’t seem to be a problem. However, the next morning (Saturday) I noticed that I had dry, flaky skin on either side of my nose. So something had caused my rosacea, which had been in remission for the previous 23 days of this lifestyle challenge, to flare up. It could have been the full-fat cream that I had on Thursday or the sheep-milk cheese that I had on Friday. The rosacea has gone again now on Sunday, and I’ll do some more experiments with sheep and goat milk products in the future.

Today I had a second cold shower. When we build our house, I’m going to put a chiller unit on the cold-water line into the shower and bath; I’m also thinking about ice baths. The temperature will go from hot, to cold, to freezing. I will also have a recirculation setting that runs the water that is going down the shower drain back up and out through the shower head. This way, I will be able to have ten-minute ice-cold shower while using almost no power and almost no water.

Keep taking good care of yourself. It’s the best way to take care of everything else.

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