Day 28: Clearing out the Shit

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We have been doing the Konmari Method. We have been clearing out a lot of shit from our home. It’s amazing how much junk we have in storage and never use. Over the past few days, we sold a few items of junk on eBay, converting it to over $500 cash. It’s amazing how much cash, and space, we have lying around clogged up as junk.

I opened my “pen drawers” yesterday to find a pen, and I noticed my irritation at finding hundreds of pens, all of which I don’t need. So we sat down for ten minutes and went through them. Today we mailed a box of pens to a school teacher. Teachers need pens really urgently.

This sensitivity to what irritates me has been growing. It’s grown from doing vipassana meditation for two hours per day. When I meticulously scan through the sensations in my body, being equanimous with them, I start to become aware of what is irritating the fuck out of me. Most of it gets resolved in the session, but sometimes I come out of meditation with action items for people: “Cindy, please will you do this …” or I find myself clearing out some junk.

This sensitivity to what irritates me has improved with respect to food. I eat so clean now that some might consider it extreme. My mental and physical state is pristine, and I notice the moment that something is not right. When I have only one alcoholic drink, I consistently wake up the next morning, at 4 am, feeling slightly depressed. I can also feel the buzzy, dissociated tiredness that comes from refined sugar. It’s not really that I have become more sensitive, it’s that I have become more aware. That awareness empowers me to keep the shit out of my system, because that shit doesn’t work for me.

Insulin resistance is what leads to diabetes and obesity. The cold showers are making me more sensitive to insulin, the opposite of insulin resistance. It has been shown that daily exposure to coldness, of a similar amount to what I experience in my ten-minute cold showers, leads to an increase in insulin sensitivity by around 40%. That’s a big increase. That’s reversing insulin resistance. I’m losing a ton of calories into the cold, running water as well. Also, my body is growing brown fat because of the cold. Brown fat is good. By the way, I pass all that time in the cold shower listening to audiobooks.

We’ve been taking food grade diatomaceous earth for about a week. Cindy is up to a tablespoon per day, and I’m taking two. We mix it into water and drink it on an empty stomach. This is known as one of the most effective parasite cleansing agents that money can buy, and it’s really cheap. It’s the fossilized shells of millions of tiny, ancient sea creatures. The sharp edges cut into the exoskeletons of the parasites and their eggs, causing them to bleed out. Cindy is currently really sick, and it’s probably because of the effects of parasite die-off. Don’t worry, I’m not outing Cindy as a parasite carrier: we all probably have parasites.

This post has been all about getting rid of shit and making space in your life for the things you really want. I’m going to invite you right here and right now to consider what parasites you have in your life sucking your energy and your passion. What can you purge from your system to make space, time, energy, or cash to fuel the next stage in your exceptional life?

An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

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