Can I get your opinion on something?

In school, between ages 11 and 16, I took a bunch of classes like maths (yes, plural), chemistry, English language (called composition in the U.S.), and English literature (called literature in the U.S.). My understanding is that the name of a specific class should be capitalized, such as Stats 101, but that the names of the basic high school subjects should not be; so it’s maths and not Maths. So then, is it correct to write English language (as it is currently written in the article), or should it be English Language? I think the reason I’m confused about this is that while English language is the name of a class in school, it seems less standard than physics. I imagine that in many countries there is a class called just English, just as I attended one called French.

I’m pretty sure that it should be English language, but I wanted to check with you, as the editor of tosspot.

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