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Imagine waking up at 4 am every day. The alarm goes off, and you just get up. Meditation is one of the hardest things you can do in life. Imagine that you meditate for two hours per day. Some consider CrossFit to be more extreme than US Military training. Imagine doing that for an hour on most days. Imagine standing in a cold shower for ten minutes every day, sometimes until you start shivering. Imagine that you hand-write at least 800 words every day. Imagine you do all of that before 7:30 am.

Now, how do you think you’re going to handle the rest of your day? You’re a BADASS before you even started the day. Not only are you a BADASS, but you’re a healthier, fitter, and happier BADASS because everything you did before 7:30 am was good for you. Will you choose today to be a BADASS too?

I rode my motorcycle to Berkeley yesterday to rock climb. Afterwards I visited Philz Coffee to do some work. Philz is my favorite coffee shop; it’s actually a San Fransisco Bay Area chain. I ordered a coffee with full-fat (“heavy”) cream in it, but no sugar, just like I used to. The cream is from Berkeley Farms, and, although not organic it’s supposed to be “natural” and free of growth hormones.

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After drinking the coffee, I started to get an unpleasant sensation in my guts. It was a familiar aching sensation that I always thought was hunger. I realized that over the past 22 days of this lifestyle challenge, avoiding milk and cheese, I had not felt this feeling. Over these past 22 days I learned what hunger is supposed to feel like. Hunger is actually a pleasant feeling and it’s not painful. Hunger feels good.

I have used Philz Coffee beans in my bulletproof coffee at home and not had this painful feeling in my guts. It could have been caused by something else, but it was most likely the cream. It seems that I might experience some kind of painful, possibly inflammatory, gut reaction to cream and other dairy products. I wonder how many people have this kind of reaction without ever realizing.

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