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A Conversation with God, Part Two

Duncan Riach
7 min readSep 1, 2018


This is the continuation of an earlier conversation between two parts of myself. One part is my “normal” state of consciousness, while the other part is non-duality, what I consider to be God. To answer these questions, I take the non-dual perspective and represent it as clearly as possible in words.

The perspective of the interviewer is a willing, curious investigator inhabiting relatively typical, human-embodied waking consciousness, which I’ll call the Curious Investigator. The perspective of the interviewee is that of non-duality.

Even those this part of the conversation can stand on its own, the original article, part one, which is linked-to at the end of this article, sets the stage. You might want to read that before reading further in this article.

Curious Investigator (CI): Please will you remind me what you are?

Non-Duality (ND): I am everything and nothing. I am all there ever was, is, or will be. I contain everything and everything contains me. I am made of everything and everything is made of me. I am both infinitely large and infinitely small. While all of this is true, it barely begins to describe what I truly am.

CI: You told me before that the human mind is designed to not perceive you. Why is that?

ND: The human mind is a tiny fragment of me, trapped inside a prison of its own making. It’s like the air in a prison cell that thinks it’s the bars. In fact, I can slip in through the bars, and it can slip out into me. That happens all the time, but the part of me that is within the bars at any given time usually insists on identifying with the bars.

CI: Why do you insist on pretending to yourself that you’re trapped?

ND: I contain all possibilities. You can’t comprehend how many permutations of all the possibilities there are; the immensity of me is unfathomable. Within me, there are infinite different experiences of separation, of duality. The human mind is a flavor of separation that is inevitable inside of me.

CI: What are the bars then?

ND: The bars are beliefs. Beliefs are concepts that I hold about myself in order to maintain the illusion of separation. Beliefs are like those things that horses wear to stop them seeing…



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